Conference / Campaign Coverage

Fourman Films Covers some of the most important political conferences and as they are often standing room only, this is how you can see them for yourselves. If you were at the conference then why not email the links to your friends around the world to inform them on the issues that the mainstream media will not. 

If you want your conference covered Including live streaming services please email details to and we will get back to you. Feel free to donate to our work on our Patreon site here.

Stop the War Coalition London Rally - Freedom for Palestine
2nd December 2023


London Renters Union
Stop Evictions Direct Action 
21st September 2020


Dont Extradite Julian Assange
London Protest 
23rd October 2022.


 Bonfire of Austerity - General Election Now! - 
The Peoples Assembly Against AusterityA General Election Now! 
5th November 2022.

The Peoples Assembly Against Austerity 
Protest the Tory Party Conference 
Birmingham 2nd October 2022.

War Weapons Refugees and
Western Intervention. see
The Peoples Conference Birmingham
1st October 2016

EDL Not Welcome in Tower Hamlets
7th September 2013

Woolwich and the War on Terror
26th June 2013

The People's Assembly
22nd June 2013

Dangerous Ideas for Dangerous Times
1st June 2013

Here are some of the campaigns we have covered in 2012

Stop The Olympic Missiles - 
No Missiles in Our Communities!
30th June 2012

John Carlos - 
Resistance is the Best Olympic Spirit TUC meeting

Campaign for Media Reform - Rally With Hugh Grant
17th May 2012

Stop the Cuts! 
Coalition of Resistance Public Meeting
19th June 2012

No to NATO! Troops out 
London Solidarity with Chicago Demonstration 
Stop the War Coalition 19th May 2012

Don't Attack Iran 
Stop the War Coalition- US Embassy London
28th January 2012

Gaza Letters - P.S.C
Commemorating Israel's Massacre on Gaza



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