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Friday 23 February 2024

The Super Smart Girl From Bow

She is not the author of her own decisions. She is a sex trafficked child. Shamima would have information about ISIS and would be an intelligence asset which could save lives. Why does the security services refuse to bring her back and interrigate her? Many share this view as does Open Democracy here

Bring her to justice and see what she has to say. She is a British citizen and was an A+ student so an intelligent person compared to say Liz Truss the moron washed up right wing loon who wrecked the economy in 28 days and now echoes Tommy Robinson on a platform with Bannon. Shamima has valuble intelligence that could save lives why not prosecute her here?

Every young person in the UK wants a better life no matter what culture and can never afford their own home. Many will move to countries that include working people and offer the chance of owning a home. Sadly that's not the west any longer. It could be argued that every UK child aware if this predicament would be vulerable to exploitation. I would not want to be young now days with the putiful offer of more austerity and inequality rebranded as the cost of living crisis is what we promise them.

The fact is the British State Training and funding of ISIS is well known.

British Military intervention in Syria and Libya relied on the support of ISIS and allowing extremists to travel to libya who came back and bombed ManchesteršŸ They also transfered Libyas weapons to ISIS in syria Theresa May did that by lifting the travel bans of the extremists who then bombed manchestet while a "candian' govt official tried to recruit young men in Tower Hamlets but largely failed when I put word out informing the teens the Canadian had contacted (infected with nonsence) that ISIS is a western ruse for US proxy wars and to steer clear. 

Hundreds of fighters have been let back into Britain no problem, if they lay low and do not say anything about their British weapons and British military trainers. The one person tried in the old bailey pleaded not guilty but admitted fighting for ISIS and said he was not guilty as the British military provided the training and the weapons and Libyas weapons were transferred to Isis in Syria. To go any further would break the osa. 

Sadly this dangerous behaviour by our government has a purpose and that feeds the military machines' greed and its apocalyptic appetite. The result is we cannot prosecute ISIS in our courts without prosecuting their co conspiritors and political enablers.

Skilled special forces or useful idiots? Our government expect us to believe that ISIS were able to travel 12 hours across Syria and Iraq and steal over 2400 armoured vehicles again without one bomb or bullet fired on a straight highway when Six aircraft carriers are bombing ISIS in Syria YUP we are meant to believe that was the secret services having a nap.