Wednesday 5 June 2024

UK First Australia Last - Australian Super turns on it's Trustees - A.C.T.U.

 Australia's Biggest Super fund is investing an eye watering £8 billion pounds or 15.3 billion AUD in UK Manufacturing and innovation to build new technology and the green economy and create well paid jobs for the UK.

Young Australians who now need to save up for 40 years for a deposit on a house in Sydney hoping to pay off a bloated student debt with a well paid engineering job can go f#ck themselves. The needs of the mother country must come before the colonies and if they didnt and young Australians started to earn good money in good jobs that would make stealing Australia's Mineral resources more expensive for foriegn companies. 

Australia is a cuckold subservient colony pumped full of propaghanda and told to shut the f#ck up. An economy aimed at the Boomer Generations whilst the scaffolding of a dystopian cartel is put in place and oppress the population into servatude. 15.3 billion would build a lot of desperately needed houses. 

Whilst 15.3 billion is a fraction of Australian Supers total invested of 335 billion AUD it intends to invest 70% of its future investments overseas. This money could be used to invest in Australian infrastucture and manufacturing such as high tech green jobs like highspeed rail or renewable energy creating well paid jobs in Australia which would then contribute to further investment through the pension programme. 

"Mr Schroder has praised the UK’s investment opportunities for enabling high-quality, long-term returns for members. In future the company stated it expects £7 of every new £10 invested to be deployed outside Australia, as it pursues the best global investment opportunities and long-term returns for members."

"Minister for Investment Lord Johnston said:  

Foreign investment is not just about numbers on a spreadsheet. It creates jobs, nurtures skills and unleashes our nation’s innovative spirit. That’s why the UK’s recent trade deal with Australia prioritised boosting investment flows."  

I do wonder if any of this UK "investment"is just being used to build the over priced AUKUS Submarines or the UKs Trident Renewal.

Lord Johnstone went on, "Australian Super’s ongoing commitment shows the strong relationship we have built as they create a global centre of excellence in London. We are a top choice for major investments like this, and the government is committed to promoting the opportunities available to global investors so they choose the UK."

Why Australian Super does this becomes even more bewildering when you understand that The fund's trustee is owned jointly by the Australian Council of Trade Unions, and employer peak body Australian Industry Group. Two organisations paid for by Australian workers through their union fees to enhance their wellbeing and employers who pay to have better opportunities in Australia.

Tuesday 27 February 2024

Save our Soils

For just 80 Million dollars the NSW Labor Government could convert 27 square kilometers of land into Gum Trees capturing carbon saving water and earn the NSW taxpayer a windfall of 10,000 dollars per acre and 27 square kilometres = 6671.845 acres or 66.71 million dollars in just 30 years every 30 years. 

It could also sell the water rights attached to the deal every year to other farms or reduce the water pump out of the Murray Darling which is killing 200 year old fish.

Buy Back the Farm and stop international companies exploiting us. Remember Gough? The second crop from this would build a lot of homes for workers. How to fund it is here. We should all be milloinaires itt

In countries like Slovakia which has a low cost of living a high living standard when they harvest the pine forests citizens get money and this system has operated for thousands of years. 

Why does Australia give our resources away for so little? Australian Rain is for Australians not Canadian Pension funds.....

Sunday 25 February 2024

Why Australia needs to change the date

Australia day represents and celebrates the anniversary  birth of Australia which is and continues to be a colonial client state subservient to U.S. hegmony and UK colonial rule born out of Captain Cooks landing which marked the beginning of a genocide of the civilian indigenous population on a mass scale that continued after the arival of the first fleet on 26 January 1788. Australia Day. 

For indigenous people this day represents a tragedy which all Australians should join in with Aboriginal people in commemorating the mistakes of the past, saying sorry for our trespass and trying to build a future together. When I wrote my article, 'Why all Australians should be millionaires', I had all Australians in mind and the indigenous people especially at the front of my thoughts. 

As I believe in building a better Australia with all Australians united in humanity for a more prosperous future free of colonial exploitation by our overlords so with Australia Day the way we celebrate should evolve into remembering what the day actually means and represents.

I believe we should consider keeping Australia Day on the anniversary of the beggining of the genocide perpetrated by the British state. Thats how it all started and how it should be remembered. That is how we should come together to move forward. 

 The date we should be focusing on changing is A.N.Z.A.C. Day. Australias first day of military combat as a nation barely a decade old in World War One was when the A.N.Z.A.C.'s went ashore at Galipolli. 25th April 1916.

Allied Troops were slaughtered and despite their galant, determined and brave fighting they suffered huge casualties which eventually saw Australia almost withdraw from the First World War.

A people led revolt in Australia almost led to politicians withdrawing the troops, arguing for more control of our forces and saw our grandparents or great grand parents invent the A.N.Z.A.C. buiscuit as it could survive the lengthy postal process in tact to support our starving lice infested troops. 

Later in the campaign when the A.N.Z.A.C.'s were asked to go over the top repeatedly to their deaths to support the British to go ashore further North on the peninsula to cut off the Turkish army. The legend of  the British having cups of tea on the beach was born (and retold by many peoples grandparents) was not totally true. 

It was born out of  troops noticing the failed mission were relaxing and not building fortifications and preparing to cut off the Turks as their own working class countrymen died with their antipodean friends at the tip of the peninsula. Overseen by British leadership from the aristocracy appointed by their class and not any actual militaty skills who often placed little value on working class lives. War is chaotic.

The shelling of the beaches ahead of the A.N.Z.A.C's landing was provided by a disjointed UK military and the Navy shelled it one month prior to the Army landing so the Turks knew where the invasion would take place. The British Army Navy and Airforce deeply distrusted each other and were run by aristocratic priviliged people set in tradition and class, who competed for their careers. They could not organise in my own observations as they grew up with servants not as organised skilled workers. 

Many, many British working class people suffered the same fate. A fate born from the disorganisation of the rich. Industrialists on both sides were making huge profits so the mass slaughter of working people on both sides went on. It was a War that should never of hapened. It was a failure in that it even started.

Billions of shells were fired and one in three didn't explode as detailed in my award winning debut documentary, 'The Truth About Weapons of Mass Destruction'.

After years of slaughter and millions dead the Allies were defeated. Pushed back to the outskirts of Paris despite the Americans having already joined the war. The British were considering withdrawing back across the channel and leaving the French to defend their homeland. 

It was only then, that the British Aristocracy in the face of defeat came up with their rare logical decision. Pragmatism was born at what cost? They put two working class generals in charge of the entire war. Unthinkable and revolutionary for its time.

General Monash from Australia and General Currie from Canada. 

100 Days later the war was over and the allies had retrieve all territory and on September 29, 1918, after a 56-hour-long bombardment, Allied forces breach the so-called Hindenburg Line, the last line of German defenses on the Western Front during World War I.

So my proposal is the only date that needs changing is A.N.Z.A.C. day (which many first nations people fought in) and that should be the Day General Monash was given his command with Currie and co-ordinated the snatching of victory in the face of defeat instead of the first day of a disorganised disaster. Monash's motto was, 'Feed your troops victory'. 

The Battle of Hamel 4 July 1918 was Monash's first command of a battle so there may be some hesitation to adopt this date perhaps the date for ANZAC day should be September 29th.

Friday 23 February 2024

The Super Smart Girl From Bow

She is not the author of her own decisions. She is a sex trafficked child. Shamima would have information about ISIS and would be an intelligence asset which could save lives. Why does the security services refuse to bring her back and interrigate her? Many share this view as does Open Democracy here

Bring her to justice and see what she has to say. She is a British citizen and was an A+ student so an intelligent person compared to say Liz Truss the moron washed up right wing loon who wrecked the economy in 28 days and now echoes Tommy Robinson on a platform with Bannon. Shamima has valuble intelligence that could save lives why not prosecute her here?

Every young person in the UK wants a better life no matter what culture and can never afford their own home. Many will move to countries that include working people and offer the chance of owning a home. Sadly that's not the west any longer. It could be argued that every UK child aware if this predicament would be vulerable to exploitation. I would not want to be young now days with the putiful offer of more austerity and inequality rebranded as the cost of living crisis is what we promise them.

The fact is the British State Training and funding of ISIS is well known.

British Military intervention in Syria and Libya relied on the support of ISIS and allowing extremists to travel to libya who came back and bombed ManchesteršŸ They also transfered Libyas weapons to ISIS in syria Theresa May did that by lifting the travel bans of the extremists who then bombed manchestet while a "candian' govt official tried to recruit young men in Tower Hamlets but largely failed when I put word out informing the teens the Canadian had contacted (infected with nonsence) that ISIS is a western ruse for US proxy wars and to steer clear. 

Hundreds of fighters have been let back into Britain no problem, if they lay low and do not say anything about their British weapons and British military trainers. The one person tried in the old bailey pleaded not guilty but admitted fighting for ISIS and said he was not guilty as the British military provided the training and the weapons and Libyas weapons were transferred to Isis in Syria. To go any further would break the osa. 

Sadly this dangerous behaviour by our government has a purpose and that feeds the military machines' greed and its apocalyptic appetite. The result is we cannot prosecute ISIS in our courts without prosecuting their co conspiritors and political enablers.

Skilled special forces or useful idiots? Our government expect us to believe that ISIS were able to travel 12 hours across Syria and Iraq and steal over 2400 armoured vehicles again without one bomb or bullet fired on a straight highway when Six aircraft carriers are bombing ISIS in Syria YUP we are meant to believe that was the secret services having a nap. 

Sunday 3 December 2023

Stop the War Coalition - Freedom for Palestine, London Rally - 2nd December 2023

Coverage of Stop the War's London Rally in support of Palestinian freedom. Please Share widely. Full Playlist below.

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As Posted on The Stop the War Coalition Website

Monday 13 November 2023

Forbidden Democracy - Genocidal profiteering and the far right on Armistice Day - Paul Hanes

Monday 13th November 2023 will go down in history as one of the most dubious and sinister cabinet reshuffles the UK has ever seen. 

So a man who is not even an MP is today appointed Foreign Secretary by a Primeminister who was appointed by a previous primeminister also appointed & all never elected to the UK Parliament's highest post. 

A Foreign secretary who can now take us to war and dictate foreign policy who also cannot be questioned in Parliament by our elected Members of Parliament.

If it's not bad enough that Rishi Sunak is richer than the king his family's company Infosys still profit from doing business in Russia.

Infosys also just did a 1.5 billion deal with BP who was awarded the rights to mine oil and gas off the coast of Gaza this year. 

Just in case you think we might all be being gaslighted into accepting murderous genocide and ethnic cleansing they now want us to accept that Tony Blair is the right choice to administer Gaza by mandate and decide what 'humanitarian' measures are allowed into Gaza. 

It seems the death of a Million Iraqis has not gone unnoticed on Blairs resume just like Adolf Heusinger's resume & namesake for that matter didn't prevent him getting the top NATO job.

Suella Bravermans will not be missed after she disgraced herself by inciting violence and riots on Rememberance day by encouraging Nazis to attend and confront over a million peaceful protesters calling for an armistice on Armistice Day. Her replacement James Cleverly has already vowed to turn back the boats.

Braverman does not understand the meaning of Rememberance Day and what the Palestine Solidarity Movement in the UK is about.

The poppy is to remember the war dead who stood against tyranny including hundreds of countries around the world over two world wars in which millions of muslims stood with us. This is celebrated on the aniversary of the First World Wars Armistice. Marching in solidarity with Palestine with a Palestinian flag is people standing against tyranny with the Palestinian people on Solidarity demanding a lasting Armistice. Same thing same values.

Something also completely lost on the eternally confused Darren Grimes. who reuploaded the original image by Peter Brooks from the times and available to purchase here.

Braverman claimed these two British institutions apposed each other then encouraged fascists to March on the Cenotaph on Armistice Day which they did in the most violent and disrespectful way possible.

Sir Kier Starmer's call for a Humanitarian pause is equally dim especially coming from someone who is a barrister and headed up the Crown Prosecution Service.

He fails to understand that a Humanitarian pause allowing people to leave Gaza quicker is to speed up ethnic cleansing of North Gaza while they still bomb the South which is totally unlawful. A ceasefire is to stop the violence & killing to negotiate a lasting peace in according to International Law & implement the already UN agreed / ratified two state solution.

Equaly dim for a Kings Council and international humanitarian lawyer Kier 'believes in Israels right to defend itself'. Clearly a belief held in denial of what international law abd the UN states that the illegal occupier has no right to self defence.

Trilateral Keith clearly doesn't want to get it and is reportedly planning the sacking this week according to channel four, 17 of his shadow frontbench for voting for a ceasefire. This will see him almost alone in opposition so he may call on Lord Mandelson to join the shadow bench from the house of lords like Cameron has filled the foriegn secretary post.

Mandelson is Kier Starmers Advisor, Labour first grandee and part of Lord Sainsburies Progress extreme right wing faction in the Labour Party. He was not sacked by kier for visiting and continuing a friendship with Paedofile Jeffery Epstein, after he was convicted.


For those wanting to understand Rememberance day the way it should and was originally intended to be I can highly recomend Veteranhood by Joe Glenton. His latest on why its ok to have a peace march on Rememberence Day can be seen here.

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Saturday 28 October 2023

Gaza Genocide, Benjaman does a Rumsfeld. Supported by Rupert. Combined age 254 years old.

 Benjamin Netanyahu is a murderous shyster. 74 year old with a pacemaker who today tried to gaslight the world into accepting his murder of tens of thousands more civillians. He is a war criminal.

He used a page from the Donald Rumsfeld playbook and published mock up photos of a supposed underground Hamas fortress/ bunker under Gaza's biggest hospital. Rumsfelds bunkers turned out to be fake news. Netanyahu claims Hamas Bunkers have meeting rooms with ...... "leather seats". šŸ™€ 


The hospital in southern Gaza is now home to 60,000 forcibly displaced Gazans who are victims of Netanyahus previous war crime threatening them with violence to displace them and cutting off food water and electricity. 2.4 million Gazans have no communication and cannot even call an ambulance. It should be renamed as the Warsaw Ghetto II. 



@Warsaw Ghetto

Netanyahu has faced months of protests in Israel as he is trying to shut down and neuter the judicary and change the powers judges have to overturn illegal legislation and how they are selected. His corruption charges involve alleged bribes from media moguls and he has been accused of making law changes to avoid the law. His party is also tring to pass a law authorising police to be able to shoot pro palestinian protesters who are Israeli citizens in Israel not that police ever investigate this anyway in the occupied West Bank.

Gaza has been bombed for a decade  it was being relentlessly bombed in April and May 2023 and it is only now these underground bunkers have been supposedly been discovered. What a load of BS, especially when on October 7th Israel had zero intelligence of the plans of an organisation it helped to come to prominence and failed to respond for 8 hours.

Netanyahu is a beyond extreme right wing politician desperate to hold onto power and shut down democracy. He should be retired and not allow his killing of Palestinians as a means of holding onto power to continue nor should his manufactured photoshopped fake news be believed

No doubt as the fog of war lifts more questions will be raised about the Israeli militaries' conduct on the 7th October as hostages have openly stated Israeli militaty opened fire on them with heavy machine gun and shells killing dozens and calls for Netanyahu to go will only get louder. 

Its quite clear Netanyahu is trying to prop himself up clinging to power by justifing the murder of over 60,000 people is waranted. It is not.

Want to actualy target Hamas and its supporters? Want to target their funders and enablers by arresting and killing them? 

Target Netanyahu.  After all as the Times of Israel points out, 

'For years, Netanyahu propped up Hamas. Now it’s blown up in our faces. The premier's policy of treating the terror group as a partner, at the expense of Abbas and Palestinian statehood, has resulted in wounds that will take Israel years to heal from.'

This context saw on Saturday 28th October one of the biggest demonstrations in UK History. I did not have the resources to record it in my usual way However the link contains some of the biggest demonstrations in UK history to compare.

A massive demonstration in London today supporting the people of Palestine and calling for an immediate ceasefire. The route map shows the area covered by this photo in blue which would be about 500,000 people which is also the reported the number who attend NYE fireworks viewed from the same area.


  The areas in red I can confirm that both Westminister and and Waterloo Bridges remained full of protesters for several hours and they took up both directions and all 8 lanes. Sky News reported people were still crossing the official start point after the front of the demonstration had filled up Parliament square and I could still see people in the demonstration lined up also marked in red east of Waterloo Bridge. 

So on this basis the demonstration was clearly in its millions however the BBC can only mange the word thousands (Heading) and tens of thousands (body) not millions or hundreds of thousands for what was one of the Biggest demonstrations in UK history.

Israeli voices are openly and without shame calling for genocide and if this is not disturbing enough the lies being fed to and repeated to the media are even worse. ⬅️ Must watch and ⬇️ Ethnic cleansing is a war crime.


For it is the age of enshittenment
and angry old leaders.

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Sunday 26 March 2023

Why all Australians should be millionaires - Stolen Sovereignty

How is it possible that Australia gives away its mineral wealth to companies for so little that Qatar who produces the same amount of oil and gas makes $26.6 billion or $26,600 Million and Australia makes just 800 million?

How irresponsible is it that Australian tax payers miss out on revenues for what they own and get only a fraction of what their minerals are worth in levees. Oil and Gas 7% Iron Ore 3.5%. Indeed when the Sydney Morning Herald openly reports on Australians great minerals robbery you know if something is up and it is pure robbery.

"An Oxford University expert says Australia would be $90 billion better off if it adopted European-style resource tax policies and argues the Turnbull government has given up on collecting a meaningful amount of revenue from some of its most valuable resources."

"In one of a suite of new submissions to a Senate inquiry, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies academic Juan Carlos BouƩ warned unless Australia "radically overhauled its fiscal regime" it would have the second lowest share of government revenue from oil and gas in the world."

In stark contrast the Norwegian government who charges over 60% has just managed to obtain enough cash reserves to make every citizen a millionaire (150,000AUD) and they own 2% of the worlds shares and have the best schools in the world. We in Australia should be rich like they are in Norway, this could have been us.

Staggeringly Australian Politicians at state level give gas away for so so little that the Japanese government makes more money on its import tax on our gas than the Australian government does exporting it.

Japanese Schools, Hospitals, Universities healthcare etc gets more benefit from our gas than Australians do.

Not only that Japanese factories and steel mills can buy Australian Gas for 40% cheaper than Australian companies can in Australia. This despite the transport costs. This makes Australian steel noncompetitive because we are in effect subsidizing foreign factories. Our politicians allow this. Some estimates are its 60% cheaper in Japan

Car manufacturers and other industries will predictably locate closer to the source of cheap steel and energy putting Australians out of work with every car manufacturer in Australia now closed.

Iconic Australian company Brick Works is considering just that and could move offshore to Japan for the cheaper Australian Gas which is resulting in more Australian job losses. The threat of limiting exports without explicitly stating that other countries get our gas cheaper then Australian companies seems like a misnomer at best and remains just a suggestion printed in the media which Anthony Albanese has so far been very quiet on. Silence also on matters such as Julian Assange and any criticism on his predecessors hundreds of billions military spending on obsolete tecnology and second hand equipment has crippled the governments ability for large scale growth projects such as the green economy. The 2020 Defence strategic update (DSU) reaffirmed and adjusted the 10-year funding model to 2029–30 at a total cost of $575 billion.

The Aukus nuclear submarines will cost us up to 368 billion the price of almost 44,000 median priced Australian homes and they will be built in the UK and Australia however it is not clear how much of the building process will occur in Australia with the announcement of the deal made in a US shipyard, i suspect the lion share of jobs won't be Australian and who will be in command of them as the UK subs will have commanders from UK and USA rotating on them and based in Western Australia as detailed in the link above. Its not clear if Australian commanders will ever command our subs. Similarly the UKs Trident Nuclear Weapons system it is currently renewing for almost 200 billion pounds involves leasing the missiles from the Unites States.

Is it any wonder that the entire Australian car manufacturing business has closed down and cars now come from areas like Japan which are closer to cheaper steel and gas thanks to us giving away minerals and gas for so cheap. TOYOTA made cars in Australia from 1963 and has now done exactly that closing their Australian factory and moved back to Japan and the entire 100 year old Australian Industry now closed.

The ailing Australian steel industry has to compete with the fact a South Korean company can mine our iron ore for 3.5% of what it is worth and pay no Australian Business tax at all. (Free Trade is certainly free on our account) It then produces cheaper steel with cheaper Labor and poor environmental controls for cheaper Japanese and Korean cars. Australians lose out.

Notably the media blame a lack of investment for the steel industries demise, not the fact we give away steels raw materials Iron ore and gas to make it far cheaper for foriegn industry than Australian companies can access it. Often Australian Unions are blamed by politicians and the media who receive money from the Oil and Gas lobby and Australian Workers are asked to lower their pay and conditions as a result. Instead of the Government who are meant to represent us by asking that we get our fair share for our minerals that every citizen jointly owns, they remain flaccid on the issue.

Meanwhile the bosses lay off hundreds of Australian Workers every year without showing the real reason for Australian Steels demise. They hide this fact because they are playing a double game. At home they claim to be an Australian company interested in the future of Australian Steel and in fact Blue Steel operate numerous steel mills over Asia and India probably supplied by cheap Australian Gas And Iron ore whilst eroding Australian workers job prospects, pay and conditions.

So this is the robbery we all face. Our birth right of golden soils and wealth for toil whilst big business betray and dessert us. Even BHP have used a tax haven to deny your children the schools university and health care we all deserve by avoiding billions in tax. Hundreds of companies who earn over 200 million a year pay zero tax.

So think about this the next time the government talks about cash only welfare cards or immigrants, boat people or Muslims or when they finally announce a re tinker of the snowy mountain scheme for their green credentials. That’s what they want us to be talking about instead of the great robbery going on which has ripped us all off not only from cash wealth but the services and education we all deserve. In Qatar all healthcare is free as is University and they pay nothing for electricity water and gas. They are the wealthiest country on the Planet

Please share this article widely and book a meeting face to face with your state and federal representatives. Call them repeatedly. After all If you were being robbed of your wallet you would do something and call the police. Failing to act now may see us all have to also pay for the cleanup costs for their mess and it is clear that the mining companies have no intention of sharing any of the profit. Or cleaning up the mess as this video shows.

The 56 billion dollar clean up bill left to the tax payer to decommission hundreds of oil platforms left at sea by profitable oil companies has also been lumped on the Australian tax payer. Platforms left by companies like Woodside who are more intent on stealing East Timor's oil and gas than cleaning up their own mess in the Bass Straight. Woodside says it cannot decide whether the stolen East Timor gas should be processed on a platform in the Timor Sea or piped back to Australia for processing however one thing is guaranteed is that neither countries citizens will see very much from this resource and Woodside will not pay for the clean up of the used oil platform in the Bass Straight or in Timor.

BHP when ordered to cleanup it's oil platforms, then merged its oil assets with Woodside and then handed a less than expected amount over for the cleanup. Obsolete platforms are usually sold to a shell company which then folds  to magic the cost of cleanup away from otherwise profitable companies, leaving the taxpayer to foot the Bill.

Meanwhile Gina Reinhart Australia's richest and perhaps most unkept woman gives out meatpies at polling booths promoting her beloved Liberal National party. An insulting offering for someone who takes so much who also has not shared any of her vast wealth with any of us or her half aboriginal sister. or her other step relations. She expects Africans to work for 2 dollars a day and criticises the Australian worker. She is unlikely to share much with any Australians let alone indigenous first people, nor apologise for her fathers vile views on aboriginal people he made as head of the company.

The Australian transition to a greener economy by large scale investment in solar and wind farms which would bring down manufacturing costs and improve Australians living standards, could be funded by tarrifs which is essentially our payment for the resource we all own. If other countries can enjoy proper compensation for their resources it is confusing why our politicians do not do the same for us and create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the process

Australia instead allows companies to undertake large scale under water seisemic testing a process which blows up the ocean floor with explosives damaging the marine environment and is suspected to be involved in ever more frequent mass strandings of whales. Seismic testing has also effected our Lobster industry and destroyed fisheries where sustainable catches of whiting and flathead along with Australian jobs disappeared overnight and every blast killing vital zooplankton for a 1.2km radius. Then if oil and gas is extracted we get just 7% for the resource we all own at the cost of environmental and economic collapse.

None the less do not let common sense get in the way of a good profit see here how Australian Gas Limited (AGL) now plans to profit further from this corrupt market and build a gas import terminal to buy some of that er cheap Japanese gas originally from Australia and sell it back to us at a good price no doubt..... After all this shows the maturity of the Australian Market AGL's Australian director says.

Gough Whitlam Australian Prime Minister was intending to 'Buy Back the farm' and the key reason he was dismissed by the Governor General (who had been writing directly to Queen Elizabeth) is that he was a patriot and intended to seize back control of Australia's mineral wealth for all Australians which at the time were largely in the control of Rio Tinto of which the Queen was the largest private shareholder. Its time we finished what Gough Started.

After all the Royal Family has earnt over 1 billion pounds from just two of its estates in Britain and under Queen Elizabeth's reign increased its income 16 fold so why they are allowed to also profit vastly from Australian resources is a distinct lack of political will and certainly not a Commonwealth.

This year Australia is forcast to sell 450 billion in mineral exports. That equates to 10,509 Australian dollars for every man woman and child in Australia in Just one year if we followed Norway and Qatars lead and charged just 60% tariff for our sovereign property. Currently we Charge between 3,5 % for Iron Ore and are the second lowest charging country in the world for our oil and gas at just 7% equating to just 875 dollars for each citizen averaging 5%. Even if we charged 30% That would be 5254 each.

What the Australian Government really needs to do is start to tap into our mineral wealth properly and build the green infrastructure and industry to sustain our future and build large scale housing for two generations of Australians who have been locked out of the housing market and trapped into the rental market and nationalize the assets sold off cheaply to corporations like power and water. We need to build our health care to the point its free and efficient and education is also free like it is in Qatar and provide Australian Children homes at the same price their parents brought them.

Encouragingly under the new Labor administration Queensland has took the move to charge 20% and 40% on coal valued over 150 and 300 dollars a tonne in July 2022 so better late than never however why the first 150 dollars a tonne is tarrif free is a mystery. This brings the tariff to double what other Australian states are charging however it has not prevented sales which are booming whilst giving Queenaland tax payers a 3 billion dollar windfall so far

Until this change Chinese imports of Australian Coal enjoyed a 10% tarrif on imports making the transaction more benificial for Chinese taxpayers then what Queenslanders were getting just 7% then 12% when prices were rose higher. Now due to better relations under the Albanese Labour government China has dropped its tarrif on Australian coal and numerous other products like wine, wheat, barley and cheese much to the relief of several Australian industries and normal relations are now resuming with our largest export trade market.

Author : Paul Hanes is an occasional Citizen Journalist and Peace Activist.

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The Australian Government has decided to use the Australian Steel and Car Manufacture industries as a firing range completely destroying it.