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Thursday 3 May 2012

Can't Pay Won't Pay Solidarity with the People of Greece - The Movie

Can't Pay Won't Pay! - Solidarity with the People of Greece!

Responding to a call for international solidarity, the Coalition of Resistance and the People's Charter brought together a delegation of trade unionists and campaigners to visit Athens in March 2012. 

This film documents their trip. With interviews with striking steel workers, an anti-austerity MP, a homeless shelter psychologist, an archaeologist and a hunger striking Mayor.

It is a whistle stop trip around the devastating economic crisis in Greece. It also gives an inspirational insight into the ways in which people are struggling to reclaim their lives and serves as a stark warning to all those in Europe who now face similar threats of Austerity.

This film saw Tansy E. Hoskins & Claire Solomon Join the Fourman Films Team.

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Saturday 28 April 2012

Cant Pay Wont Pay! - Stop the Crisis in Greek Archaeology! Stop the Cuts Restore Democracy!- Direct ActionBritish Museum 24.04.12

 Counterfire and Fourman Films took Despina Gasputsa Greek Archeologist who featured in our documentary 'Cant Pay Wont Pay Solidarity with the People of Greece', to the British Museum to see if the Elgin Marbles are being looked after, what exactly they mean to the Greek people as explained by Neil Faulkner and stage a protest asking for them to to be returned and the Greek Debt forgiven. 

 Pictures of the Banner Drop featured in this film appeared on dozens of Greek Newspaper's front page the following day.

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