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Wednesday 5 June 2024

UK First Australia Last - Australian Super turns on it's Trustees - A.C.T.U.

 Australia's Biggest Super fund is investing an eye watering £8 billion pounds or 15.3 billion AUD in UK Manufacturing and innovation to build new technology and the green economy and create well paid jobs for the UK.

Young Australians who now need to save up for 40 years for a deposit on a house in Sydney hoping to pay off a bloated student debt with a well paid engineering job can go f#ck themselves. The needs of the mother country must come before the colonies and if they didnt and young Australians started to earn good money in good jobs that would make stealing Australia's Mineral resources more expensive for foriegn companies. 

Australia is a cuckold subservient colony pumped full of propaghanda and told to shut the f#ck up. An economy aimed at the Boomer Generations whilst the scaffolding of a dystopian cartel is put in place and oppress the population into servatude. 15.3 billion would build a lot of desperately needed houses. 

Whilst 15.3 billion is a fraction of Australian Supers total invested of 335 billion AUD it intends to invest 70% of its future investments overseas. This money could be used to invest in Australian infrastucture and manufacturing such as high tech green jobs like highspeed rail or renewable energy creating well paid jobs in Australia which would then contribute to further investment through the pension programme. 

"Mr Schroder has praised the UK’s investment opportunities for enabling high-quality, long-term returns for members. In future the company stated it expects £7 of every new £10 invested to be deployed outside Australia, as it pursues the best global investment opportunities and long-term returns for members."

"Minister for Investment Lord Johnston said:  

Foreign investment is not just about numbers on a spreadsheet. It creates jobs, nurtures skills and unleashes our nation’s innovative spirit. That’s why the UK’s recent trade deal with Australia prioritised boosting investment flows."  

I do wonder if any of this UK "investment"is just being used to build the over priced AUKUS Submarines or the UKs Trident Renewal.

Lord Johnstone went on, "Australian Super’s ongoing commitment shows the strong relationship we have built as they create a global centre of excellence in London. We are a top choice for major investments like this, and the government is committed to promoting the opportunities available to global investors so they choose the UK."

Why Australian Super does this becomes even more bewildering when you understand that The fund's trustee is owned jointly by the Australian Council of Trade Unions, and employer peak body Australian Industry Group. Two organisations paid for by Australian workers through their union fees to enhance their wellbeing and employers who pay to have better opportunities in Australia.