Tuesday 27 February 2024

Save our Soils

For just 80 Million dollars the NSW Labor Government could convert 27 square kilometers of land into Gum Trees capturing carbon saving water and earn the NSW taxpayer a windfall of 10,000 dollars per acre and 27 square kilometres = 6671.845 acres or 66.71 million dollars in just 30 years every 30 years. 

It could also sell the water rights attached to the deal every year to other farms or reduce the water pump out of the Murray Darling which is killing 200 year old fish.

Buy Back the Farm and stop international companies exploiting us. Remember Gough? The second crop from this would build a lot of homes for workers. How to fund it is here. We should all be milloinaires itt

In countries like Slovakia which has a low cost of living a high living standard when they harvest the pine forests citizens get money and this system has operated for thousands of years. 

Why does Australia give our resources away for so little? Australian Rain is for Australians not Canadian Pension funds.....


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