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Why Australia needs to change the date

Australia day represents and celebrates the anniversary  birth of Australia which is and continues to be a colonial client state subservient to U.S. hegmony and UK colonial rule born out of Captain Cooks landing which marked the beginning of a genocide of the civilian indigenous population on a mass scale that continued after the arival of the first fleet on 26 January 1788. Australia Day. 

For indigenous people this day represents a tragedy which all Australians should join in with Aboriginal people in commemorating the mistakes of the past, saying sorry for our trespass and trying to build a future together. When I wrote my article, 'Why all Australians should be millionaires', I had all Australians in mind and the indigenous people especially at the front of my thoughts. 

As I believe in building a better Australia with all Australians united in humanity for a more prosperous future free of colonial exploitation by our colonial powers so with Australia Daybthe way we celebrste should evolve into rememberingvwhatbthebday actually meant.

I believe we should consider keeping Australia Day on the anniversary of the beggining of the genocide perpetrated by the British state. Thats how it all started and how it should be remembered. That is how we should come together to move forward. 

 The date we should be focusing on changing is A.N.Z.A.C. Day. Australias first day of military combat as a nation barely a decade old in World War One was when the A.N.Z.A.C.'s went ashore at Galipolli. 25th April 1916.

Allied Troops were slaughtered and despite their galant, determined and brave fighting they suffered huge casualties which eventually saw Australia almost withdraw from the First World War.

A people led revolt almost led to politicians withdrawing the troops, arguing for more control of our forces and saw our grandparents or great grand parents invent the A.N.Z.A.C. buiscuit as it could survive the lengthy postal process in tact to support our starving lice infested troops. 

Later in the campaign when the A.N.Z.A.C.'s were asked to go over the top repeatedly to their deaths to support the British to go ashore further North on the peninsula to cut off the Turkish army. The legend of  the British having cups of tea on the beach was born (and retold by my grandparents) was not totally true. 

It was born out of  troops noticing the failed mission were relaxing and not building fortifications and preparing to cut off the Turks as their own working class countrymen died with their antipodean friends at the tip of the peninsula. Overseen by British leadership from the aristocracy who often placed little value on working class lives. War is chaotic.

The shelling of the beaches ahead of the A.N.Z.A.C's landing was provided by a disjointed UK military and the Navy shelled it one month prior to the Army landing so the Turks knew where the invasion would take place. The British Army Navy and Airforce deeply distrusted each other and were run by aristocratic priviliged people set in tradition and class, who competed for their careers. They could not organise in my own observations as they grew up with servants not as organised skilled workers. 

Many, many British working class people suffered the same fate. A fate born from the disorganisation of the rich. Industrialists on both sides were making huge profits so the mass slaughter of working people on both sides went on. It was a War that should never of hapened. It was a failure in that it even started.

Billions of shells were fired and one in three didn't explode as detailed in my award winning debut documentary, 'The Truth About Weapons of Mass Destruction'.

After years of slaughter and millions dead the Allies were defeated. Pushed back to the outskirts of Paris despite the Americans having already joined the war. The British were considering withdrawing back across the channel and leaving the French to defend their homeland. 

It was only then, that the British Aristocracy in the face of defeat came up with their rare logical decision. They put two working class generals in charge of the entire war. Unthinkable and revolutionry for its time.

General Monash from Australia and General Currie from Canada. 

100 Days later the war was over and the allies had retrieve all territory and on September 29, 1918, after a 56-hour-long bombardment, Allied forces breach the so-called Hindenburg Line, the last line of German defenses on the Western Front during World War I.

So my proposal is the only date that needs changing is A.N.Z.A.C. day (which many first nations people fought in) and that should be the Day General Monash was given his command with Currie and co-ordinated the snatching of victory in the face of defeat instead of the first day of a disorganised disaster. Monash's motto was, 'Feed your troops victory'. 

The Battle of Hamel 4 July 1918 was Monash's first command of a battle so there may be some hesitation to adopt this date perhaps the date fir ANZAC day should be September 29th.

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