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Monday 13 November 2023

Forbidden Democracy - Genocidal profiteering and the far right on Armistice Day - Paul Hanes

Monday 13th November 2023 will go down in history as one of the most dubious and sinister cabinet reshuffles the UK has ever seen. 

So a man who is not even an MP is today appointed Foreign Secretary by a Primeminister who was appointed by a previous primeminister also appointed & all never elected to the UK Parliament's highest post. 

A Foreign secretary who can now take us to war and dictate foreign policy who also cannot be questioned in Parliament by our elected Members of Parliament.

If it's not bad enough that Rishi Sunak is richer than the king his family's company Infosys still profit from doing business in Russia.

Infosys also just did a 1.5 billion deal with BP who was awarded the rights to mine oil and gas off the coast of Gaza this year. 

Just in case you think we might all be being gaslighted into accepting murderous genocide and ethnic cleansing they now want us to accept that Tony Blair is the right choice to administer Gaza by mandate and decide what 'humanitarian' measures are allowed into Gaza. 

It seems the death of a Million Iraqis has not gone unnoticed on Blairs resume just like Adolf Heusinger's resume & namesake for that matter didn't prevent him getting the top NATO job.

Suella Bravermans will not be missed after she disgraced herself by inciting violence and riots on Rememberance day by encouraging Nazis to attend and confront over a million peaceful protesters calling for an armistice on Armistice Day. Her replacement James Cleverly has already vowed to turn back the boats.

Braverman does not understand the meaning of Rememberance Day and what the Palestine Solidarity Movement in the UK is about.

The poppy is to remember the war dead who stood against tyranny including hundreds of countries around the world over two world wars in which millions of muslims stood with us. This is celebrated on the aniversary of the First World Wars Armistice. Marching in solidarity with Palestine with a Palestinian flag is people standing against tyranny with the Palestinian people on Solidarity demanding a lasting Armistice. Same thing same values.

Something also completely lost on the eternally confused Darren Grimes. who reuploaded the original image by Peter Brooks from the times and available to purchase here.

Braverman claimed these two British institutions apposed each other then encouraged fascists to March on the Cenotaph on Armistice Day which they did in the most violent and disrespectful way possible.

Sir Kier Starmer's call for a Humanitarian pause is equally dim especially coming from someone who is a barrister and headed up the Crown Prosecution Service.

He fails to understand that a Humanitarian pause allowing people to leave Gaza quicker is to speed up ethnic cleansing of North Gaza while they still bomb the South which is totally unlawful. A ceasefire is to stop the violence & killing to negotiate a lasting peace in according to International Law & implement the already UN agreed / ratified two state solution.

Equaly dim for a Kings Council and international humanitarian lawyer Kier 'believes in Israels right to defend itself'. Clearly a belief held in denial of what international law abd the UN states that the illegal occupier has no right to self defence.

Trilateral Keith clearly doesn't want to get it and is reportedly planning the sacking this week according to channel four, 17 of his shadow frontbench for voting for a ceasefire. This will see him almost alone in opposition so he may call on Lord Mandelson to join the shadow bench from the house of lords like Cameron has filled the foriegn secretary post.

Mandelson is Kier Starmers Advisor, Labour first grandee and part of Lord Sainsburies Progress extreme right wing faction in the Labour Party. He was not sacked by kier for visiting and continuing a friendship with Paedofile Jeffery Epstein, after he was convicted.


For those wanting to understand Rememberance day the way it should and was originally intended to be I can highly recomend Veteranhood by Joe Glenton. His latest on why its ok to have a peace march on Rememberence Day can be seen here.

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Saturday 28 October 2023

Gaza Genocide, Benjaman does a Rumsfeld. Supported by Rupert. Combined age 254 years old.

 Benjamin Netanyahu is a murderous shyster. 74 year old with a pacemaker who today tried to gaslight the world into accepting his murder of tens of thousands more civillians. He is a war criminal.

He used a page from the Donald Rumsfeld playbook and published mock up photos of a supposed underground Hamas fortress/ bunker under Gaza's biggest hospital. Rumsfelds bunkers turned out to be fake news. Netanyahu claims Hamas Bunkers have meeting rooms with ...... "leather seats". 🙀 


The hospital in southern Gaza is now home to 60,000 forcibly displaced Gazans who are victims of Netanyahus previous war crime threatening them with violence to displace them and cutting off food water and electricity. 2.4 million Gazans have no communication and cannot even call an ambulance. It should be renamed as the Warsaw Ghetto II. 



@Warsaw Ghetto

Netanyahu has faced months of protests in Israel as he is trying to shut down and neuter the judicary and change the powers judges have to overturn illegal legislation and how they are selected. His corruption charges involve alleged bribes from media moguls and he has been accused of making law changes to avoid the law. His party is also tring to pass a law authorising police to be able to shoot pro palestinian protesters who are Israeli citizens in Israel not that police ever investigate this anyway in the occupied West Bank.

Gaza has been bombed for a decade  it was being relentlessly bombed in April and May 2023 and it is only now these underground bunkers have been supposedly been discovered. What a load of BS, especially when on October 7th Israel had zero intelligence of the plans of an organisation it helped to come to prominence and failed to respond for 8 hours.

Netanyahu is a beyond extreme right wing politician desperate to hold onto power and shut down democracy. He should be retired and not allow his killing of Palestinians as a means of holding onto power to continue nor should his manufactured photoshopped fake news be believed

No doubt as the fog of war lifts more questions will be raised about the Israeli militaries' conduct on the 7th October as hostages have openly stated Israeli militaty opened fire on them with heavy machine gun and shells killing dozens and calls for Netanyahu to go will only get louder. 

Its quite clear Netanyahu is trying to prop himself up clinging to power by justifing the murder of over 60,000 people is waranted. It is not.

Want to actualy target Hamas and its supporters? Want to target their funders and enablers by arresting and killing them? 

Target Netanyahu.  After all as the Times of Israel points out, 

'For years, Netanyahu propped up Hamas. Now it’s blown up in our faces. The premier's policy of treating the terror group as a partner, at the expense of Abbas and Palestinian statehood, has resulted in wounds that will take Israel years to heal from.'

This context saw on Saturday 28th October one of the biggest demonstrations in UK History. I did not have the resources to record it in my usual way However the link contains some of the biggest demonstrations in UK history to compare.

A massive demonstration in London today supporting the people of Palestine and calling for an immediate ceasefire. The route map shows the area covered by this photo in blue which would be about 500,000 people which is also the reported the number who attend NYE fireworks viewed from the same area.


  The areas in red I can confirm that both Westminister and and Waterloo Bridges remained full of protesters for several hours and they took up both directions and all 8 lanes. Sky News reported people were still crossing the official start point after the front of the demonstration had filled up Parliament square and I could still see people in the demonstration lined up also marked in red east of Waterloo Bridge. 

So on this basis the demonstration was clearly in its millions however the BBC can only mange the word thousands (Heading) and tens of thousands (body) not millions or hundreds of thousands for what was one of the Biggest demonstrations in UK history.

Israeli voices are openly and without shame calling for genocide and if this is not disturbing enough the lies being fed to and repeated to the media are even worse. ⬅️ Must watch and ⬇️ Ethnic cleansing is a war crime.


For it is the age of enshittenment
and angry old leaders.

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